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Textpattern website hosting

Website Hosting for Content Managed Websites

Ultimate UK Textpattern hosting, without compromise.

Our Textpattern hosting is expertly optimised to deliver exceptional TTFB/TTLB (Time To First & Last Byte) speeds.

Powering unique in-server caching, your website doesn’t even need to engage PHP to begin delivering content – requests are serviced immediately, without delay.

Guaranteed Faster

We’re so positive that our Textpattern hosting is more reliable than regular hosting, that we’ll refund your money if it’s not.

Textpattern Friendly Security

Our Web Application Firewall protects your Textpattern site without causing an interruption.

Easy Management

We implement a simple web-based auto-install, auto-upgrade and staging of Textpattern, as well as fully updated wp-cli access and git for easy version control.

Blazing Fast TTFB/TTLB

In-server caching delivers exceptional Time To First & Last Byte hosting performance, heightening your SEO web rankings and keeping visitors engaged.

Textpattern Support

Our packages include full Textpattern support as standard.

UK SSD Cloud

All Textpattern hosting can be dynamically distributed throughout our 100Gigabit UK based cloud network, balancing demand and improving performance.