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Website email form vs open email address

Website email form vs open email address

Email forms and open email addresses both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Posted: Jun 30, 2023

Here are some pros and cons of each

Email Forms


1. Control: Email forms give the website owner more control over the type of information visitors provide.
2. Spam Prevention: Email forms have built-in spam prevention measures, such as CAPTCHA codes and bot detection.
3. Professionalism: Email forms can look more professional than displaying an open email address.
4. Automated Responses: Email forms allow for automated responses to be sent to visitors who submit the forms.


1. Inconvenient: Some visitors may find filling out an email form inconvenient and time-consuming.
2. Limited Personalization: Email forms can limit the personalization of the message the visitor wants to send.
3. Technical Errors: Email forms can sometimes have technical issues that prevent them from functioning properly.

Open Email Addresses


1. Convenience: Visitors can send an email directly without having to fill out a form.
2. Personalization: Visitors can write a personalised message to the recipient.
3. No Technical Issues: There are no technical issues to worry about with an open email address.


1. Spam Risks: Open email addresses can attract spam and phishing attempts.
2. Time-consuming: Sorting through a large volume of emails can be time-consuming for the recipient.
3. Privacy concerns: Open email addresses can raise privacy concerns if the recipient’s email address is publicised.

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